a 3-day course designed to build personal energy and robustness.
We aim to stregthen individuals and organizations for them to maintain sustained functioning and performance. 
The course will take the participants through an exploration of the natural processes that individuals go through when operating under pressure. The participants will thus develop an understanding of how to manage stressful situations and become more resilient. At this course, the participants will gain insight that will help them recognize their own stress triggers and they will gain tools for managing pressure and building resilience. 
Who can benefit from this course?
Key employees who have worked in a high performance environment for a prolonged period of time will benefit from strenghtening their capacity in order to secure continued performance.
Furthermore the workshop can be part of a personal development plan for talented employees who want to improve their own performance through personal insight 
We are very proud to present the instructors of the course who, we believe, are each uniqly skilled to introduce the participants to a higher level of personal insight and resilience.
The instructors of this course are:
Kristian Ragus
Kristian, founder of KONDUITE, will be teaching the practical aspects of turning awareness into robustness and securing each course reach the desired targits by linking insights from course elements to the participants daily environment.
Kristian will also instruct theoretical and practical exercises to build and maintain personal energy and resilience 
Ann Repp Olsen
Yoga instructor and world traveller.
Inspired from travelling around the globe, Ann brings a relatable & energetic approach to yoga, meditation, awareness and everyday well-being. Ann will make you feel refreshed and energized, creating more space throughout your body and mind for a happy and healthy life.
At the Energy+ course Ann will be instructing yoga and mindfullness. 
Jesper Stechmann


Jesper is a freediving Worldchampion and thus knows first hand about performing under extreme pressure and doing so without compromizing on health and well-being.
At the Energy+ course Jesper will be instructing aquameditation and inner dialogue.
Energy+ courses are located at top quality health resorts in Denmark.
We have courses in both East and West Denmark


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3-day Course including all course material and facilities as well as accomodation.
Price                                                                             DKK 16.800
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