KONDUITE® is founded in the meaning of the Danish word, konduite


The ability to take best action in an unknown or difficult situation; applying sound judgement and situational awareness.


Our Purpose:


At KONDUITE® we strive to activate and elevate Personal Leadership and Performance.   

We do this by working with Talent Development, and desciplines of 

Personal Leadership and Strategy Execution.


 - And we intend to have a blast along the way!

Kristian Ragus is founder of KONDUITE® 


For 20+ years he has worked deeply in different fields of high performance, management, leadership development and talent development. 


Daring to be your best and giving leaders and employees room to be their best by working in different ways to implement and execute the company strategy, are for us at KONDUITE® vital elements in creating a leadership culture and talent mindset that sparks the individual energy and innovation

and enhance company value.


KONDUITE Energy+ Workshop launching soon


Building energy by valued living

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